Fresh-cut Fries

We know we're supposed to be a wing joint but our fries might be the best thing going!

Our Process

The key to a good chicken wing, in our opinion, is to be completely cooked through without drying it out.  That's why we bake all of our wings to seal in the moisture of the meat, then quickly fry them to crisp them up before tossing them in your favorite sauce.  The other critical factor - buy local!  Our chicken is fresh from DelMarVa farms, not some frozen wing delivered from who-knows-where.  We think it makes a huge difference in the taste - and we hope you agree.

We may be Wingin' It! in more ways than one, but there's one thing we know and love...good wings and awesome fries.  Our owners, Kraig and Cheryl Stetzer, Mike Scott, and Kim Wilson, have deep local roots and love spending time with family and friends over a big plate of wings and a large mound of fries.  And now, they are particularly proud of bringing their passion for quality and value to you!

Our Team

Our Specialties


For those of you looking for something a bit more healthy, try our salads!

You Can't Beat Our Wings!

Traditional Wings
Fresh, 100% local chicken, cooked to perfection and tossed with handmade sauces

Boneless Bites

Love wings but hate eating around the little bones?  Have we got the solution for you!